Crashing Costs Expose Bitcoin Mining Industry’s Addiction To Leverage – Blockworks

Regardless of the place an operator got their rigs up and working, if there’s an impressive line of credit score, “no matter when you got in,” it’s unimaginable to be “generating enough revenue by mining to make those loan obligations,” in response to Jurica Bulovic, zencart payment plugin head of mining at Foundry Digital, which lends to crypto miners and engages in crypto staking.

States are additionally taking their own stands towards cybercrime: Four states have proposed legislation to outlaw ransomware payments. North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas are all considering new laws that would outlaw taxpayer money from being used in ransom funds. New York’s regulation goes a step additional and will outright ban non-public companies from paying cybercrime ransoms.


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As the price of cryptocurrencies has fallen – bitcoin peaked at $69,000 (£56,000) earlier this 12 months, and is now hovering at about $20,000 – the worth of the rewards to miners has dropped by the same proportion, leaving them in areas with expensive electricity or using older, inefficient mining “rigs” unable to show a profit.

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